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At Romano Braun Architects, we understand the profound impact that Vastu Shastra can have on the harmony and balance of your home. As an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for creating spaces that promote well-being, prosperity, and peace. We offer comprehensive Vastu Shastra consultancy services to help you enhance the balance and energy of your house without needing to make drastic structural changes. In this blog, we’ll explore various Vastu Shastra tips that focus on interior decorating, providing you with practical ways to improve the Vastu of your existing home.


  The Benefits of Vastu Shastra


Before diving into specific tips, it’s important to understand the benefits of incorporating Vastu Shastra into your home. Vastu Shastra aims to create a harmonious environment by balancing the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) and aligning your home with natural forces. Here are some key benefits:


  1.  Improved Health and Well-being:  Properly applied Vastu principles can enhance physical and mental health by promoting positive energy flow.
  2. Increased Prosperity:  Balancing energies within your home can attract wealth and abundance.
  3.  Enhanced Relationships: Harmonious spaces foster better communication and stronger relationships among family members.
  4. Greater Peace and Tranquility: A well-balanced home environment reduces stress and promotes inner peace.
  5. Boosted Productivity and Creativity: Vastu-compliant spaces can enhance focus, creativity, and overall productivity.


Vastu Shastra Tips for Interior Decorating


Improving the Vastu of your home doesn’t always require major renovations. By making thoughtful changes to your interior décor, you can significantly enhance the balance and energy of your living spaces. Here are some practical Vastu Shastra tips for different areas of your home:


Living Room


The living room is a central gathering space for family and guests, making its Vastu balance crucial for fostering positive interactions and relationships.


  1. Placement of Furniture: Arrange seating in a way that promotes conversation and interaction. Sofas and chairs should ideally face east or north to align with positive energy. Avoid placing seating under beams, as this can create a feeling of oppression.
  2. Colors: Use light and soothing colors like white, cream, light blue, or green for the walls. These colors promote peace and calm. Avoid dark or excessively bright colors as they can create imbalance.
  3. Decorative Elements: Incorporate natural elements such as indoor plants, which enhance the flow of positive energy. Avoid clutter, as it can block energy pathways.
  4. Lighting: Ensure your living room is well-lit, preferably with natural light. Use soft, warm artificial lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.




The bedroom is a personal sanctuary where rest and rejuvenation are paramount. Proper Vastu can enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being.


  1.  Bed Placement:  Place the bed in the south or west part of the room, with the headboard facing south or west. This promotes restful     sleep and stability.
  2.  Colors:  Use soothing colors such as light blue, green, or pastel shades. These colors create a serene environment conducive to   relaxation.
  3.  Decor:  Avoid mirrors facing the bed as they can disrupt sleep by reflecting energy. Instead, use artwork that promotes peace and   positivity.
  4.  Electronics: Minimize electronic devices in the bedroom, as they can disturb the energy balance. If you must have them, keep them as far from the bed as possible.




The kitchen is the heart of the home, representing nourishment and sustenance. Proper Vastu in the kitchen can enhance health and prosperity.


  1.  Cooking Area: The stove should ideally be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen, representing the fire element. While cooking,   face east to align with positive energy.
  2.  Colors:  Use bright, warm colors like yellow, orange, or red, which represent energy and appetite. Avoid dark colors that can absorb   positive energy.
  3.  Cleanliness:  Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to ensure a smooth flow of energy. Regularly dispose of expired items and   maintain cleanliness.
  4.  Storage:  Store grains and other food items in the southwest direction to enhance wealth and abundance.


 Study Room


A Vastu-compliant study room can boost concentration, creativity, and productivity, making it an ideal space for work or study.


  1.  Desk Placement:  Place the desk in the east or north part of the room, ensuring you face east or north while working. This orientation   enhances focus and mental clarity.
  2.  Colors:  Use light, pastel colors such as green, blue, or white to create a calm and focused environment.
  3.  Lighting: Ensure the study room is well-lit with natural light. Use bright, focused lighting for the study area.
  4.  Decor: Keep the study area organized and clutter-free. Use motivational artwork and avoid placing mirrors in the room.


 Pooja Room


The pooja room is a sacred space for prayer and meditation. Proper Vastu can enhance the spiritual energy of this area.


  1.  Location:  Ideally, place the pooja room in the northeast corner of the house, which is considered the most auspicious direction.
  2.  Colors:  Use light colors such as white, light yellow, or light blue to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
  3.  Placement of Deities: Position idols or images of deities facing east or west. Ensure that the deities are not placed directly on the floor; use a raised platform or shelf.
  4. Decor:  Keep the pooja room simple and clean, with minimalistic decor. Avoid clutter and use natural elements like flowers and incense to enhance the spiritual ambiance.


Adding Water Bodies


Water is a powerful element in Vastu Shastra, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and purification. Introducing water elements thoughtfully can enhance the positive energy in your home.


  1.  Indoor Fountains: Place small indoor fountains in the northeast corner of your living room or entrance area. The soothing sound of flowing water can create a tranquil environment and attract positive energy.
  2.  Aquariums:  An aquarium in the north or northeast part of your home can attract wealth and prosperity. Ensure the aquarium is well-maintained, with healthy and active fish.
  3.  Water Bowls: Simple water bowls with floating flowers or candles can be placed in the living room or pooja room. These can serve as decorative elements while enhancing positive energy flow.


Wall Art and Decor


Art and decor play a significant role in setting the tone and energy of your living spaces. Vastu Shastra offers guidelines on choosing and placing artwork to promote positivity and balance.


  1.  Positive Imagery: Use artwork depicting nature, tranquility, and positivity. Avoid images that depict violence, sadness, or negative   emotions.
  2.  Colors in Art: Choose artwork with colors that complement the room’s purpose and Vastu recommendations. For example, soothing   colors for bedrooms and vibrant colors for kitchens.
  3.  Placement: Place artwork at eye level and ensure it is proportionate to the wall size. Avoid overcrowding walls with too many pieces, as   this can create visual clutter.


Enhancing Energy with Plants


Plants are excellent for enhancing the Vastu of your home as they bring in the energy of nature, purify the air, and add to the aesthetic appeal.


  1. Indoor Plants:  Use indoor plants like bamboo, money plant, and peace lilies in your living room and bedroom. These plants are considered auspicious and attract positive energy.
  2.  Avoid Thorny Plants:  Avoid placing thorny plants like cactus indoors as they can disrupt the energy flow and bring negative vibes.
  3.  Placement: Place plants in the east, southeast, or north parts of your home to balance the energy and promote prosperity.


Balancing with Mirrors


Mirrors can be powerful tools in Vastu Shastra, reflecting energy and light. However, their placement needs to be carefully considered to avoid negative effects.


  1. Enhancing Space: Use mirrors to create a sense of space and openness, especially in small or dark rooms. Place mirrors on the north or east walls.
  2. Avoid Bedrooms: Do not place mirrors in the bedroom where they can reflect the bed. This can lead to disturbed sleep and energy imbalance.
  3.  Entrance: Place a mirror near the entrance but ensure it does not directly face the main door. This placement can deflect positive energy entering the home.




Incorporating Vastu Shastra principles into your home’s interior design can significantly enhance its harmony, balance, and energy flow. At Romano Braun Architects, we provide expert Vastu Shastra consultancy services to help you make the most of your living spaces. By making thoughtful changes to furniture placement, color schemes, decor elements, and introducing natural elements like plants and water bodies, you can create a home that promotes health, prosperity, and well-being.


Remember, the goal of Vastu Shastra is not just to create aesthetically pleasing spaces but to foster an environment where positive energy flows freely, enhancing every aspect of your life. Whether you are looking to make small adjustments or undertake a comprehensive Vastu makeover, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the timeless wisdom of Vastu Shastra and transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and prosperity.